We can provide a wide range of pre-trial services to help get your team trial-ready. Some of these tasks are part of our automated pre-trial process that we use to ensure the trial tech on-site can retrieve all documents as fast as possible within our ONE-second guarantee.

Document Services

  • Organize all your data into one central file location of your choice
  • Optimize all files into the best possible format for easy sharing and retrieval in trial
  • Delete any metadata from all files that do not have to be shared with opposing counsel
  • Automatically rename all files and prepare load files for import into Trial Director
  • Digitally stamp every page with trial exhibit and page number prior to printing trial binders by your print vendor

Video Exhibit Services

  • Deposition video clip creation [individual impeachment clips or continuous testimony]
  • Custom video clips from expert witness demonstratives

Custom demonstratives

  • Graphics
  • Timelines
  • Custom Expert PowerPoints

Courtroom Venue Analysis

  • Understand your needs and preferences for courtroom technology [See options here]
  • Consult with local courthouse personnel [clerk, bailiff, IT department] to identify technology on site
  • Provide recommendations and contingency planning in the event of courtroom change

War Room Venue Analysis

  • Understand your needs and preferences for war-room set-up and technology [See options here]
  • Consult with attorneys, IT and operations team to determine scope of services needed
  • Identify suitable hotel or other locations and provide options/recommendations to your team