VIRTUAL Depositions with an Exhibit Presentation Specialist

For the most effective virtual deposition experience, use a TrialSupport trial presentation specialist to not only set-up and test the technology, but also present any exhibits you want to introduce to the witness.

Mediator mediation videoconference screen

Check out some short [25 secs+] videos of a sample virtual Zoom deposition using an exhibit presentation specialist.

We only use professional certified legal presentation specialists to seamlessly provide the following services per your direction:

  • Share full screen any exhibit and/or sub page within one second
  • Call-out or zoom-in on any paragraph, sentence or area of any size document, photo, spreadsheet or oversized image
  • Highlight, annotate, mark up any document
  • Manage all identified and/or marked up versions of any document and provide to the Court Reporter to attach to the final transcript
  • Record the entire meeting in multiple views and formats to facilitate a synced video with audio and final deliverable
  • Saved video can be used for future use with or without the exhibit presentation screen for clips in lieu of live testimony or impeachment

How does it work?

  • We independently connect with all parties to confirm audio and video connections are OK
  • Noticing Attorney submits exhibits via Sharefile link to TrialSupport
  • We create independent audio/or video conferences for each distinct group as needed
  • Attendees can self switch between each participant to focus on any party [witness, other attorneys, court reporter, concierge] as needed.
  • TrialSupport techs can quickly present, highlight and enlarge key documents as needed
  • TrialSupport techs can quickly play any video as needed

Here’s our process based on best practices:

  • We manage a pre-meeting technology check to ensure all parties have working audio, video and internet connection before the meeting starts
  • We pre-load all documents and/or video into a professional presentation application [E.g. TrialDirector]
  • We initiate the videoconference and manage who is on screen, muted, optional screen share, permissions
  • At your direction we will instantly share a document full screen
  • Then we can zoom in, call-out specific paragraphs, annotate, highlight, play video, etc.

Options include:

  • Generate a captured video and audio of the meeting for cloud share/review
  • Create a transcript of the meeting and sync text to the video file.

Prices vary depending on the scope of services required.

Call us for a live demo and a test of your firm’s or home’s audio, video and internet speed.

Virtual Deposition Views in ZOOM

Depositions are a critical part of the legal process. See the various single screen views that we help set up and customize for each participant. You can easily change your view yourself depending on need. The biggest advantage with having an Exhibit Presentation Specialist online is the ability to quickly and clearly show exhibits, as well as call-out, zoom-in and highlight key areas for the record. We do not recommend using Adobe Acrobat or sharing your web browser. Use a trained Certified Trial Presentation Specialist.  Dual Monitors provides double the screen space for exhibits and speaker view.

Attorney View

Attorney probably wants to see the witness as large as possible but also see the exhibits the Presentation Specialist is sharing on the screen. Best view for Court Reporter also. This 50-50 view is the best way to achieve this without clutter.


Witness View

We customize your Zoom view for each participant. The Witness probably wants to see the exhibits as large as possible but not necessarily see thumbnails of everyone else.  This 95-5 view is the best way to achieve this without clutter.


Host View 

Host and Other Attorneys probably wants to see the exhibits as large as possible but also see thumbnails of all video participants.

This 80-20 view is the best way to achieve this without clutter.