In an increasingly virtual and remote legal world, the need to facilitate an efficient video-conference with a Judge or other entity will become useful and critical. Many of our clients choose to focus on the meeting at hand and use our document presentation services to quickly and efficiently showcase documents to 3rd parties.

For the same reason, the most effective trial attorneys do not attempt to run the software to present evidence themselves. Attorneys initiating critical video-conference and online meetings utilize a professional presentation tech and/or meeting concierge to ensure everything runs smoothly…

Here’s our process based on best practices:

  • We manage a pre-meeting technology check to ensure all parties have working audio, video and internet connection before the meeting starts
  • We pre-load all documents and/or video into a professional presentation application [E.g. TrialDirector]
  • We initiate the teleconference and manage who is on screen, muted, optional screen share, permissions
  • At your direction we will instantly share a document full screen
  • Then we can zoom in, call-out specific paragraphs, annotate, highlight, play video, etc.

Options include:

  • Generate a captured video and audio of the meeting for cloud share/review
  • Create a transcript of the meeting and sync text to the video file.

Prices vary depending on the scope of services required.

Call us for a live demo and a test of your firm’s or home’s audio, video and internet speed.