Let us run the technology for your next virtual mediation or virtual arbitration.

Whether you have all, some or no parties in the same room, we can set-up and manage all the audio and/or video connections for the proceedings, in addition to any documents, exhibits and video that may be used.

How does it work?

  • We independently connect with all parties to confirm audio and video connections are OK
  • Each party provides documents to TrialSupport via Sharefile link that may be shared during the session
  • We create independent audio/or video conferences for each distinct group as needed
  • Connections are bridged if requested
  • Mediators can switch between each party or all parties as needed.
  • TrialSupport techs can quickly present, highlight and enlarge key documents as needed
  • TrialSupport techs can quickly play any video or deposition clips as needed
Mediator mediation videoconference screen

Here’s our process based on best practices:

  • We manage a pre-meeting technology check to ensure all parties have working audio, video and internet connection before the meeting starts
  • We pre-load all documents and/or video into a professional presentation application [E.g. TrialDirector]
  • We initiate the videoconference and manage who is on screen, muted, optional screen share, permissions
  • At your direction we will instantly share a document full screen
  • Then we can zoom in, call-out specific paragraphs, annotate, highlight, play video, etc.

Options include:

  • Generate a captured video and audio of the meeting for cloud share/review
  • Create a transcript of the meeting and sync text to the video file.

Prices vary depending on the scope of services required.

Call us for a live demo and a test of your firm’s or home’s audio, video and internet speed.