This article is part of a series of articles about assessing your trial technology and exhibit presentation needs in advance of trial to determine whether you can use internal resources or need to outsource to a Trial Presentation Specialist.

For our full checklist, download the printable pdf here.

Each of these questions is worthy of a longer discussion and debate, but here’s some additional points to guide your discussion and assessment.

Make Sure Your Tech Has The Right Trial Equipment! 

You never know when you may need a portable scanner, printer or copier in the courtroom.

1. What Other Trial hardware could you need?

This item is more focused on what an individual trial person or trial tech should always have on hand for a trial. The other technology needs in terms of projectors, big screen TV, monitors, speakers, switches, cables, etc is the subject for another article and requires a dedicated professional independent onsite assessment by your trial tech or IT department.

Here’s what you need to bring based on your trial preferences:

  • Dedicated trial computer [ensure minimum specs: WIN10, i7, 1TB SSHD, 32MB RAM, etc]
  • Dedicated identical BACKUP trial computer [synced daily]
  • Dedicated trial iPad- useful for times when you need to quickly see an exhibit during a break and your trial laptop is in the courtroom
  • Portable elmo for attorney/expert – helpful if the court elmo malfunctions or you want to have a secondary on your table for markups or witness annotations. You can capture these and save as an exhibit.
  • Cables/connectors for all laptop types – helpful if an attorney with a Mac or older computer wants to present something from their computer. It happens.
  • Backup cables, laser pointers, PPT remotes, etc. – All cables eventually break. Make sure you have a basic backup of VGA, HDMI for simply connection issues.  At least 2 laser pointers with different colors are useful for dueling attorney /expert pointing. Backup PPT remote with extra batteries. Etc.
  • Portable quiet printer, scanner, copier. You never know when you may need them.
  • Audio switch- adjust levels for low quality deposition audio, quickly adjust volume, and switch between audio sources [DE/PL]

This list is in addition to and separate from backup courtroom presentation hardware like  5k lumen projectors, switches, 50 ft cables, TV’s etc.

Our full list has over 50 items that we generally bring to every trial. Contact us to get a copy and make sure your team is prepared for the unexpected.   

For our full in-house vs. outsource assessment checklist, download the printable pdf here. Use this to better assess your in-house resources or use as backup to justify the benefits of outsourcing.

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Portable document camera. Plugs directly into the courtroom system or plug into your own PC so you can capture markups or annotations made by the witness or attorney.

Portable audio mixer. The fastest way to mute sound without going into PC settings. Also useful for adjusting settings on poor deposition audio. Use as an audio switch to toggle between opposing counsel inputs.

Custom TrialDirector keypad. Custom keys enable tech to automatically go to side-by-side mode and scroll through pages with 1 click. 24 other functions that are quicker than keyboard command or menu combinations.

Portable switch box for HDMI or VGA courtrooms. Helps you control the input from opposing counsel and helps send any custom image from your PC to your trial team, and or Judge, and or witness without going to the Jury.