The secure Zoom platform allows for extensive user customization of your view in a videoconference depending on your preference. Whatever view you choose, there is always limited screen space available and the services of an Exhibit Presentation Tech to zoom in on key areas is critical for a functional deposition without paper exhibits. This also ensures exhibits are not shared in advance with the witness until needed.

These screenshots and videos are primarily taken from a standard 16:9 laptop monitor. We recommend using a dual monitor setup to feature the participant gallery on your laptop screen and the separate shared screen with exhibits on monitor 2.

Sample video

  1. Sample exhibit callouts with Witness only [54 seconds]
  2. Sample exhibit callouts with all participant gallery view [vertical] [25 seconds]
  3. Start of deposition instructions and administering the Oath. [Sample text] [2:20 minutes]
  4. Sample exhibit callouts with all participant gallery view [vertical] [3:54 minutes]
  5. Deposition file saved. Witness only. No exhibit screen. No gallery. [56 seconds]
  6. Sample exhibit callouts with Witness only [4:59 minutes]

Click on any video to play in browser. Double click on any video see it full screen.

[54 seconds] Witness view. Showing witness full screen. No other participant thumbnails. With exhibit screen share the witness video is medium size. Example exhibit callout for small documents.

[25 seconds] All participant thumbnail Gallery View with 2 page Exhibits callout.

[2 min:20 seconds] All participant Gallery View of sample pre-demo Instructions and administering of the Oath by Court Reporter.

[3 min 54 seconds] Zoom Mock Depo Multiple views Witness and gallery view. Multiple examples of various exhibit sizes with call outs, zoom and highlights.

[56 seconds] This view is the final deliverable of the witness only view full screen for the entire deposition. The exhibit screen is available as a separate video for optional attorney use with clips or in lieu of live testimony.

[4 min 59 seconds] Adjustable Speaker View with Exhibits. Various sizes of the exhibits and witness, according to participant preference. This is a per user adjustable preference, but host has to modify the master settings.

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